incomming calls drop my internet connection

  robwhitt 13:32 14 May 2003

Would somebody help! My connection keeps on getting dropped when a box appears in the top lefthand corner of the screen telling me I have just ignored an incomming call, this then cuts my connection. I don't have call waiting on my phone line and have updated my driver.

  stlucia 14:02 14 May 2003

If you don't have call waiting, what's generating the message that says you've ignored a call. Could it be an option in the modem setup software which you can unselect?

  robwhitt 14:14 14 May 2003

I've checked the modem setup. There doesn't appear to be anything there.

  graham√ 14:35 14 May 2003

1571 message service?

  robwhitt 15:20 14 May 2003

What is the 1571 message service?

  robwhitt 16:08 14 May 2003

God I think I've got it. There was icon just labled V92 I clicked on that and that gave me the option to ignore all incomming calls without asking me.

Thanks to stlucia & graham. Cheers guys.

  ARTY DAN 16:27 14 May 2003


The 1571 message service is provided by B.T.,
if you are connected to B.T.then you need to ring customer services and find out if you have the 1571 message service. If you do,then when someone
rings you when you are on the internet a message
comes on saying "this is B.T.1571 the person you
are calling is engaged please leave a message after the beep" I think this is right,the caller leaves a message and thats it, hopefully you will not miss any calls using this service.
I don't know if Telewest provide this service or indeed NTL.Hope this helps.


  graham√ 17:52 14 May 2003

What you are missing is that when a message has been left, a 'beep' is put on the line to alert the user that they have a message. This is seen as noise by some modems, whilst v92 see it as a signal to put the internet on hold and offer the call. Because v92s are largely unsupported by ISPs for this funtion, and other modems don't like 'noise', the connection is dropped.

The answer is to turn off 1571 whilst on-line.

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