incoming pop3 server

  reddraggons 19:06 10 Apr 2005

Can anyone tell me why my pop3 incoming server address keeps changing from tesco to could it be something to do with McAfee Internet security suite 2005?

  LastChip 19:10 10 Apr 2005

That's a local loop back address. Is your e-mail working properly or are you having problems?

  Senile Syd 16:55 25 Apr 2005

Disappointing not to see any further posts in this thread, because I'm having the same problem as the OP. Each time I boot up, my incoming mail server resets to and I have to enter the correct one manually. This happens on only one of my two email accounts, both of which are with the same ISP — the other a/c is fine.

The problem started recently and may have been caused when I uninstalled Mozilla Thunderbird but I couldn't swear to it. (I swear AT it plenty though...)

I'm running WinXP+SP2 on ADSL BB. AdAware, SpybotS&D, McAfee Security Suite and the MS Antispyware Beta are up to date and all report that my system is clean.

I've read through the rest of the threads but don't understand what I'm reading.

Could someone please tell me what's happened here, and how to fix it? In terms likely to be understood by people in my social category (i.e. elderly and thick)? I'd really appreciate it.


  DieSse 17:03 25 Apr 2005

It's normally caused by AV software - and it's not a fault.

In simple terms, the AV software changes the email server address to an internal server. When emails arrive they go into this local "server", where they are checked by the AV program, and after the all-clear, released into your inbox.

You will often find a change to your user name associated with the change to the server name.

The reason it keeps happening, is that on reboot, the AV program checks, and if you've reset it to the original name, it chages it back to the internal server address, which it needs in order to protect you.

Unfortunately some AV packages, and some email providers just seem to have a natural antipathy to each other, and it's quite a devil to get them working together.

  Senile Syd 17:27 25 Apr 2005

...for your prompt response. I'm beginning to see the light, I think. However, in my case, emails directed into this 'phantom server' are not being released into my Inbox. In fact I discovered that my incoming server had been changed only when I went looking to see why the account in question hadn't seen any incoming emails for more than a week. I changed it back to the proper server name and they appeared in a torrent.

  DieSse 17:34 25 Apr 2005

Just be very careful, as they may not have been checked correctly for viruses.

You may find some clue as to why this is happening on the McAfee site. It won't be an isolated event just in your system, I wouldn't think.

  DieSse 17:35 25 Apr 2005

PS - I suggest you delete that email's account settings completely, and set it up afresh - it can often start to work correctly then.

  Senile Syd 17:39 25 Apr 2005

I'll give it a go and report back.

  Senile Syd 18:38 25 Apr 2005

"I suggest you delete that email's account settings completely, and set it up afresh - it can often start to work correctly then."

It didn't work, I'm afraid. Do I simply have to live with it? I had the daft impression that computers are logical devices. :>}

Apologies for slow response BTW. Teatime intervened.

  Senile Syd 20:31 25 Apr 2005

Problem solved. Many thanks. The clue was indeed on the McAfee website. After much searching I found a procedure that linked with Outlook Express and McAfee's Spamkiller. So, after failing to get the procedure to work, I ditched Spamkiller (which I don't use in any case, and which I now suspect had become corrupted, as it wouldn't open properly when I tried to take a look at it). I then rebooted and was delighted to see that my POP3 server remained unchanged.

I hope the OP reads this. It may help solve his/her problem — and I can't tick the box 'cos I hijacked the thread in the first place.

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