incoming pop server address changes on reboot

  ganja 19:29 16 Oct 2005

After a reboot the incoming server address in Outlook Express is changed to and I have to change it to to enable me to receive mail. Can anyone help?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:39 16 Oct 2005

Do you have any spam filters installed?

  splork 19:54 16 Oct 2005

Try deleting the account (but not the emails etc), reboot, re-input the account info, reboot, see if it still changes it. Failing that, you can take advantage of a really good spam filter called K9 which requires Outlook Express to use - however if it resets the port number to 110 all the time as well, it may not work. You can play with the settings in K9 which may cure that.
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Is there anything in your Startup folder relating to Supanet - perhaps a left over installation file is rewriting the account info.

  ganja 19:55 16 Oct 2005

Yes. I have McAfee Spamkiller installed

  Diodorus Siculus 19:56 16 Oct 2005

You will need to set up McAfee correctly then - check out the manual.

  splork 20:00 16 Oct 2005


  ganja 20:53 16 Oct 2005

I've uninstalled Spamkiller and that seems to have done the trick.

Thanks to all who offered advice

  highside 18:56 28 Jan 2006

I have similar problem , can reset Outlook Express OK but in my case I cannot turn off McAfee Spamkiller as I get a message saying Spmkiller is unable to communicate with its server, restart PC etc. Would like to disable their flipping Spamkiller but cant!!!!!!
Reboot makes no difference, tried to contact Mcafee- no telephone service until Monday and their website Technical Help does not respond when clicked on. Any one know what this problem is please or do you know their email address?
I have no problems with anything else and can reach any other sites.

  Skyver 23:56 28 Jan 2006

You really ought to start a new thread, this forum works in a different way to many. I was under the impression you could disable Spamkiller by clicking the system-tray icon and selecting SpamKiller/Disable? Is it part of Mcafee Internet Security or some other `complete package`?

  highside 18:52 03 Feb 2006

Skyver, sorry about incorrect procedure, for the record - under the error conditions no control of Spamkiller is possible, it cannot be disabled in system tray or from the security centre, if it could it would not be such a pain.

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