incoming email stuck, can't receive or send

  palinka 17:05 18 Aug 2003

I'm sure I've read a solution to this but can't now find it.
A friend has an email (with an attachment I imagine)that is taking an age to download - we're talking several hours. She knows the sender, so doesn't expect it to contain a virus or anything like that. How can she get rid of/bypass this email so that she can receive other mail?

  jazzypop 17:10 18 Aug 2003

If her ISP has the facility to access email messages via a web browser (webmail), then log in to her email via a browser, and delete it from there.

If her ISP does not offer this service (most do nowadays), then use web2mail at to achieve the same result.

Oh yes, then send a polite email to the sender, asking them to be more considerate in future :)

  palinka 17:25 18 Aug 2003

Thanks Jazzypop. That sounds like the method I'd half remembered. I'll pass it on to her.

  anchor 19:33 18 Aug 2003

As jazzypop said, go to

click here
Log in, and delete from there.

I recall in the "good old days" having to do this using Telnet; what a bind that was.

  palinka 20:10 18 Aug 2003

thanks Anchor; and thanks for the correct web site.

  john-232317 20:31 18 Aug 2003

jazzypop have you bin on the wizzypop..;-)

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