Incoming call message

  lintony 08:56 09 Mar 2003

Quite often when I am online, a window pops up with the message "You have ingnored an incoming call" What is this and how can I stop it?. My system is Windows XP.

  TOMMO01 09:10 09 Mar 2003

Some modems are supposed to allow you to suspend the internet activity when you recive a phone call, let you answer the phone and then resume the internet. All this without having to log off.

If in your case you drop the connection when you get this message, and you have a SMARTLINK modem, updated drivers will solve your problem.

  lintony 09:51 09 Mar 2003

Not knowing anything about modems, I don't know if my modem is a SMARTLINK modem. It is an Aztech CNR V. 92 modem.

  TOMMO01 09:55 09 Mar 2003

I would suggest you contact either the makers of your system for updated drivers or the makers of the Modem.

However, only do this if you drop the connection when you recive this message.

  graham 10:48 09 Mar 2003

You have either call waiting or 1571 activated. An incoming call has alerted your V92 but your ISP doesn't support them, in that it doesn,t maintain your internet connection. At the last count there was only one ISP in the UK that supports V92. You can turn off call waiting and/or 1571 whilst on the net to stop this happening, you lose the call anyway.

  graham 11:45 09 Mar 2003
  lintony 12:03 09 Mar 2003

Thanks Graham. I have had a look at the sight you sent me the link for. I will sit and study it and see if I can understand what I am supposed to do.

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