including data on a music cd

  old chadders 17:28 18 Jan 2018

How can I burn a music cd ( which can be played on a cd player) and include a pdf file on the cd which can be read on a computer?

  KEITH 1955 17:49 18 Jan 2018

not being funny but why would you want a pdf of the album info , you can get all the info about a disk on windows media player and windows groove music program. you may not be able to play the cd on a cd player if it has anything on it that is not music related.... let me explain... I put music on a flash drive for my car , its a ford , if I put the same stick in my wifes vw car it wont play because her car system cant read the album art info so wont play anything , for her car I have to open an album PAST the album art then right click and send to flash drive , if I do that as a work around the music on the flash drive will play on hers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 18 Jan 2018

Unless its a very old CD player it should be able to play mp3 files which you can tag to contain album track no. date genre and even album art.

Advantage being you can get a lot more tracks on a CD by using mp3.

  old chadders 20:08 18 Jan 2018

More detailed explanation:The pdf file will be instructions for country dances, the music files will be the tunes to perform the dances to. Just would save me burning the info to 2 cds which may get seperated in the future. I have a commercial cd which has similar characteristics, ie a data file included on a music cd.

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