Bass99 17:45 31 Oct 2003

I have purchased a liteon cd-rw, bundled with Nero Express & InCD v3.5. No instuctions and inopperative help buttons on InCD.

When I format a cd-rw disc as a large floppy I get two random results using the same settings, discs, and process.

1. a disc I can copy / write to, eject and copy / write to again.

2. a disc that requires I "write track and session information", which then locks me out of further use of the disc. Explorer shows e.g. 10mb used 0mb remaining.

I have emailed liteon, but in the meantime can someone nudge me the right direction please?

  seedie 18:07 31 Oct 2003

You could always ask Ahead which disks they used to test INCD. Hither to I have been unable to get this program to work with any cd-rw media and binned both INCD and 1/2 a box of cd-rw disks.

I would not dream of advising you to do the same as others here have found some success with this :)


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