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InBoxer antispam

  tony-guitar 18:45 12 Jan 2005

After PCA's antispam review, i downloaded InBoxer. BE CAREFUL.It caused Nortons Anti-virus to throw a wobbly causing an "internal program error" requesting an uninstall/reinstall, plus Diskeeper Lite as well. Norton would keep dis-abling on my account with the above error on the other accounts. After a "system restore" back to the day before installing InBoxer, things seem ok again. At least i know 'restore' works!

  tony-guitar 22:41 07 Feb 2005

Hi Shellship, thanks for your response.Much has happened since my original posting, suffice to say InBoxer was not the cause after all (sorry Audiotrieve), but some malware called "isearch". The particular piece of rubbish calls itself "delprot" (click here) After sending crash reports to Microsoft, i got a reply from them saying a patch was available from isearch.

  tony-guitar 23:02 07 Feb 2005

Thanks Gandalf. I sent an e-mail to Audiotrieve yesterday, because the 21day trial had expired without me actually trying the product (i did a system restore because i thought InBoxer was causing my system crashes). They've offered to let me have another go, which is good of them.

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