Inboxcop and AOL

  [DELETED] 19:02 24 Nov 2003

This months PCA ran an article on Spam filters and from this I decided to install Inboxcop but it doesn't appear to be doing anything but occupying diskspace. Any other recommendations?

  [DELETED] 09:22 01 Dec 2003

InboxCop will work with AOL, although it is slightly different then how it works with Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora, Incredimail and other POP3 and different too then how it works as an Add-In to Outlook.

This is how it should work for you: When you install InboxCop on your PC it will ask you to set up an email or Webmail account. If you are using AOL then you should choose the Webmail option.

InboxCop will then check for email at AOL every 3 to 30 minutes (you set this time) and if there is email it believes to be spam it will remove it from AOL and when you get there to check your email only the good email will remain.

You can check what was stopped by clicking on the magnifying glass next to your clock and opening InboxCop. Just click on your spam folder and if there is something there that you want just click on the email and then click Keep Always and the sender will be added to your friends list and never stopped again.

InboxCop also brings a copy of the good email down to the InboxCop email reader on your PC and you may choose to read it there without the banners and ads that AOL puts in your face.

If you use the Pro version and have an Outlook Express, Eudora or other POP3 account you can forward the AOL email there and get all of your email in one place.

If you have any questions just send an email to [email protected] and someone will get back to you right away.

Thanks for trying InboxCop and please let us know how we can be of further assistance.


John Gotts

  [DELETED] 18:34 02 Dec 2003

Options/email connection was incorrectly set, it works fine now.

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