Inabilty to repair software installation in OEM PC

  JimmyJAG 14:05 11 Feb 2003

Has anyone had the same problem as me and has anyone resorted to my solution ? Last week I was carrying out a Windows Update and removing some redundant programs. In order to carry on I had to restart. Whilst rebooting the machine reported a fault in the Findfast feature in my version of Word 2000. The machine then prompted me to repair the installation. I replied yes wherupon I was then asked for my installation disk. My machine is an OEM version with the software preloaded and no backup Cd only a restore disk which can only be used to completely reformat the hard drive and perform a factory reinstallation. After scratching my head and trying to find the original files I ended up borrowing a friends backup copy, which also refused to repair the feature but did allow me to completely reinstall Word. I am aware that this is an infringement of copyright, but what is one to do ?

  €dstow 14:27 11 Feb 2003

I would never buy a machine that wasn't provided with full disks of all installed software. I can't understand how commercial manufacturers get away with it. Untold problems are caused by recovery disks and such like, plus the fact that many machines nowadays aren't provided with even a recovery disk.

Perhaps I am lucky in having my machines built to contain what I want - hardware and software delivered together with all the disks used. I can't imagine doing anything else, even if I had to build myself.

The information in my machines is far too valuable for some footling peccadillo like you describe to cause such havoc and potential loss.


  Stalker 14:38 11 Feb 2003

Is it asking for a cab file? if so then try looking in C:\windows\options\cabs microsoft state that all OEM manufactures must copy the cabs directory from the cd to hdd, and this is where it is normally located, if its not there get on to the vendor of the machine and state that you want the discs to do the required operation.


  cream. 14:38 11 Feb 2003

Sorry JimmyJAG but I agree 100% with €dstow.

I would not dream of owning\ building a computer without having all of the software on full and complete disks.

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