Inability to find network

  daveg66 22:53 03 Jan 2010

I have a BT 1800HG Router that's hardwired to the phone socket, the router provides wired connection (usb) to my desktop and wifi access to my wife's Toshiba Laptop, initial connection was fine and was ok for several months, and then all of a sudden the laptop is unable to find my router /network (it can easily find other networks in the neighbourhood but can't find mine), after deleting all networks on the laptop & re-installs etc I got nowhere, I tinkered with the router's firewall and hey presto, the laptop found the network and all was ok, a day later the same problem, "ssid is enabled" so the connected network should be visible, but it's not.

Any ideas please ?.

  daveg66 08:25 15 Jan 2010

Answer, to my own question:

After trying a mate's laptop I discovered that the routers transmitter had a fault, a new home hub resolved the situation, the laptop now connects everytime.

Still can't work out why it worked on one day though ?.

  daveg66 13:35 15 Jan 2010

Well that lasted a long time.

I can't connect again (even though it's a new 1.5 home hub).

The laptop's wifi seems to keep dropping in an out, it can find the network but then drops it again.

Would a usb wifi adaptor/booster/antenna/dongle fitted to the laptop help boost the signal between hub and laptop ?.

  ame 22:23 22 Jan 2010

Can't see how that will make any difference if you've tried the laptop close to the router. Are you sure the router's transmitter had a fault? Why not try the laptop on someone else's network and see if it's the wireless card that's the problem, rather than at the router/ISP end?

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