Inability to connect wirelessly to Router

  Issy 13:51 04 Jan 2011

I have a desktop attached to a Belkin Router.I have just purchased a Medion P6624 laptop and it won't connect to the Router.Other people have connected their laptops to it but mine will not work.It is finding my connection and some others but will not connect.Please could someone help as I am climbing the wall!

  frank300 16:53 04 Jan 2011

Hi,Have you turned on your wireless? Try pressing fn key and F7 together. Hope this helps.

  Issy 12:21 05 Jan 2011

Yes Frank,I have

  mgmcc 12:34 05 Jan 2011

What type of encryption are you using? If WEP with an ASCII key, you might have to change to a hexadecimal key. I don't want to get into the technicalities of WEP keys if that isn't what you're using.

Also, what channel number is the router using? Most routers use either "6" or "11" as the default, so try using one of these or, if already using one, try the other. Avoid channels 1 and 2 as these use frequencies which are also used by other domestic wireless products. Also avoid channels 12 and 13 which are illegal in some other countries, as a result of which some WiFi adapters are designed not to connect to these channels.

  proudfoot 15:31 07 Jan 2011

I had the same problem with my wife's laptop, it suddenly decided it would nor connect so I changed from channel 6 to 11 and have had no problem since
In my case there is a public wireless internet system within my village that uses channel 6.

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