ImVajra Spywear Remover

  wendov1202 17:38 11 Sep 2008

Has anyone out there come across this download. It provides a free scan, but does NOT remove any "spy-wear" until you purchase the full program for around £24. Being curious I tried the free version and was aghast to see that it found traces of no less than 243 applications covering the complete spectrum of nasties. I nearly sent my payment [whilst still in shock] then I had second thoughts-----ran Spybot S&D,Malawear Bites and Rising A.V.-----and found nothing.

Is this a sales "come on" OR are all my other spy-wear apps useless

Old George

  MAT ALAN 19:22 11 Sep 2008

click here

click here

run these both free...
then use this

click here

  Clapton is God 19:28 11 Sep 2008


Is that something James Bond wears?

  skidzy 20:45 11 Sep 2008

ImVajra Spyware Remover

This program produces many false positives not to mention No real-time protection or scheduled scans and lacks many features found in similar programs.

All these false positives you have been given are fooling people into a panic and hope they part with there hard earn't cash.

Remove the program straight away via add and remove programs and run ccleaner to clean up the remnants,also run the registry cleaner in ccleaner click here

  crosstrainer 14:31 12 Sep 2008

Shame on you :))

  crosstrainer 14:31 12 Sep 2008

Use the applications posted above...Not the one you mention.

  MCE2K5 17:51 12 Sep 2008

'wendov1202' Replied yesterday to say Thank you skidzy's click here sorted it out on another post, But it dissapeared last night.

  mole44 07:51 13 Sep 2008

does James Bond wear Spyfronts a wonder

  nonowtatall 11:05 13 Sep 2008

I keep getting a message to install some anti spy ware it says (notice if your computer is infected you could suffer data loss etc ---do you want to install ANTI SPYWARE MASTER to san your pc and it takes ages to shift then it comes back again what must i do to shift it also getting lots of pop up mail i am using IE7 with popup blocker

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