Improving wi-fi coverage over 35 meters

  BobHelm 06:28 13 Jul 2013

I live in North East Thailand. In a small L shaped apartment block. The wi-fi router is at the very top of the L, my apartment is at the right angle join of the letter. The distance is about 35 meters. The connection through my lap top is OK. The connection to my desk top is worse. To tablets/phones it is poor at best. I would like to improve the connection.
Is another router directly connected to the first the answer? Is a LAN connected through the apartment wiring system an option?

I believe that I am reasonably intelligent & have a fair understanding of technology. I am not an electronics engineer though & have little understanding of jargon. So replies bearing that in mind would be much appreciated..

  Forum Editor 06:47 13 Jul 2013

To save me typing a long, involved response I suggest that you take a look at this

and then come back to this thread for further advice if you need it.

  BobHelm 07:31 13 Jul 2013

Thank you. That was excellent.
Answered all my questions & some I hadn't even thought of. Looks like I will be buying a new router & going with a direct connection via the Ethernet ports. The topic How To Use an Old Router to Expand Your Wi-Fi Network click here the link you gave answers the worries I had about how to set the second router up as a 'slave' to the first. Will be giving it a go over the next week, so may be coming back for extra help then!! Thanks again..


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