Improving a WI-FI connection?

  1936 08:27 29 Apr 2010

I live in Oxfordshire but spend a lot of time in Somerset at a static caravan where I have finally managed to get the site to put WI-FI in. Its great if I go into the office foyer but I would preffer to sit in my caravan and collect my E-Mails.
Yesterday I discovered that if I sit in our caravan toilet with the WI-FI dongle hung out of the window I can get five bars but what ever I did I could not get connected.
If I got a long USB extension and stuck it on a bamboo stick to give the WI-FI dongle a direct line of site would that help or pherhaps someone may have a sugestion.

  mgmcc 08:45 29 Apr 2010

Give it a try ;)

With a clear line of sight and not too much distance, you should get a good connection. With your "WI-FI dongle hung out of the window", is it possible that there were several other caravans (i.e. several large sheets of aluminium!) between the router and your WiFi adapter? That would cause severe degradation of the signal.

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