Improving quality of picture?

  Condom 12:45 12 Sep 2008

I have an ageing self built PC which uses a Kyro 11 videologic Video card (which is analogue) plugged into an AGP slot on my ASUS A7M266 motherboard. I don't play any games apart from Spider solitaire. I have recently purchased a Samsung SyncMaster 226bw screen and I wonder if changing the video card to a digital one would significantly improve my picture. I'm not even sure if I can get a cheap Digital Video card which will fit in my AGP slot. I wish to build another computer in about a year so I don't really want to invest in a new motherboard just yet. I use XP Pro SP3 with 2Gb memory.

  Technotiger 14:44 12 Sep 2008

I think it might depend on which Model your SyncMaster is, if it is the 'A' model this is not as good as the 'S' model and makes quite a difference as regards picture quality. Also run the SyncMaster at its native Resolution 1680x1050 for best results.

The Serial Code number will tell you which model you have, the numbers start with either an A or S depending on the model.

  Condom 14:58 12 Sep 2008

The S/N is ME22HSDP721404E which doesn't seem to show either the A or S model. I presently use an anologue video card which means the screen is giving an analogue picture. If I use a digital card will my picture be significantly improved.

  Technotiger 15:12 12 Sep 2008

click here read this review right through to the bottom - it would appear to me that you have one of the 'not-so-good' non-Samsung models. You might find the comments near the end interesting!

A cheap GForce6600 would probably give better results, regardless of which model you have.

  Quiet Life 15:24 12 Sep 2008

If the analogue is properly set up you would probably not notice any difference.
I have both and cannot see any difference.
Your question has come up before and many people have said the same.

  Condom 16:13 12 Sep 2008

soory Technotiger but your link goes nowhere

  Condom 16:27 12 Sep 2008

Yes Quiet Life my analogue is properly set up and my Video card uses the latest drivers. My picture is fine at 32 bit and I use a 1152 x 864 setting. I just wondered if I would get a significantly improved picture bu using a digital card. Seems like I might as well wait until I build a new PC before changing. The picture is perhaps not as good as I remember my old 21" Llyama Pro being (but maybe that is just my memory) and the increased desk space I have is fantastic.

  GaT7 16:33 12 Sep 2008

With TFTs, to get the best picture you must run it at their 'native' resolution, which in this case is 1680x1050 - you won't believe the difference it makes till you see it for yourself.

Try to change the res in Display settings to the native res. If you cannot, your graphics card is unable to handle this res & it's time for a better graphics card. G

  GaT7 16:35 12 Sep 2008

VGA / DVI doesn't make much difference in pic quality, but as your replacement card is likely to have a DVI connection there's no reason why you shouldn't use it. G

  GaT7 16:56 12 Sep 2008

As Technotiger mentioned, there are more than one version of this particular monitor - nice article click here, with a possible colour 'fix', Samsung's reaction, etc.

If you're unable to return it for the superior 'S' type, make sure to try the 1680x1050 res (with the new graphics card) & colour fix at the very least. G

  Technotiger 17:21 12 Sep 2008

Sorry about that link Condom, but it was a users review in the Amazon site - similar to Crossbow7's link.

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