Improving old photos

  wesparmalee 14:54 24 Feb 2006

I've been trying to clean up some old photos using a cheap software package, but the results have been less than average.Can anyone recommend a good quality program for sharpening photos, and improving the general quality.Thanks.

  anchor 15:03 24 Feb 2006

I use Paint Shop Pro. I did this on an old photo of my Grandfather taken in 1916 with version 7. Cleaned up the original, and then proceeded to colourise it. Time consuming, but I think a good result.

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  rmcqua 15:15 24 Feb 2006

I have used Paint Shop Pro since its first version. I'm now on version 9.0. I have recently completed a large project of updating some old family photos, many dating back to 1900 or so. Lots of scratching, cracked emulsion and bright white or black dots (don't know the technical term for this). I use the "clone brush tool" in PSP a lot and find it invaluable. Basically, you select a shade and texture from close to the section you want to repair, then apply it. The results can be amazing. I also make a lot of use of the brightness and contrast adjust tools.
I have tried the program's "one stop photo fix" option, but although this is quick, I never find it as successful as when I decide myself what needs fixing.
In summary, I would highly recommend Paint Shop Pro. You can buy version 8.0 for about Stg.45
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  wesparmalee 15:16 24 Feb 2006

Thanks for your advise, i'll give these a try.

  Danoh 15:19 24 Feb 2006

I've been pleased with the ease and results from using Elements 2 and laterly 3. Both came bundled with hardware purchases I'd made, but now I know them, I would consider its worthwhile buying them on their own.

But if you also happen to need to buy a scanner, for example, it would be worthwhile checking to see which products had what software already included as part of the bundle. Mine came from a scanner (Epson) and a laptop (Sony Vaio) purchase.

  jakimo 20:38 24 Feb 2006

If your old photos are dogeared,torn,wrinkled or discoloured, invest in photoshop elements 4

  Big Elf 20:55 24 Feb 2006

I'm very impressed with the results.

  woodchip 20:59 24 Feb 2006

This site may also help and give some tips etc click here

  Rubroy 23:23 24 Feb 2006

Wesparmalee - Hi

I heartily endorse Anchor and Rmcqua: I have no doubt that users of other programmes, especially Photo Shop Elements (I can't justify the cost of the major programme!)are very happy with their choices. I personally have used Paint Shop Pro (PSP) since version 4 and am now using V7. It does all I want and with a bit of experience can work wonders. Cleaning up old photos using the cloning tool is a doddle and a highly satifying experience. The effects browser for sharpening, contrast improvement , clarification etc is terrific. With a bit more experience colour correction and enhancement is fascinating. You might find you are burning the midnight oil on Grandad and a lot more! By the way, I am a very Golden Oldy and no one pays me to be nice to them!

Have fun and good luck.

  Stuartli 00:03 25 Feb 2006

Have a look at:

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  wesparmalee 19:21 25 Feb 2006

Thanks everyone for all your help, it's certainly given me plenty of useful information.

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