improving net connection

  wundahorse 01:08 18 May 2008

hi, im wondering if theres a way to improve my internet speed. I have a Speedtouch 330 ADSL cable modem its a few years old now and works fine but dont know what tweaks to make to be able to download quicker, i also run some online games.
Any advice thx in advance.

  gengiscant 07:24 18 May 2008

Have you looked at port forwarding.This is a very useful site.
click here

  Bob The Blob 09:02 18 May 2008

What's port forwarding got to do with his download speeds?

  skidzy 09:17 18 May 2008

What speed are you currently getting from your isp ?

This will help you find out,it is estimated click here

Depending what your package is,there is a high speed driver availble for your modem,but we need to know your isp package.

  wundahorse 12:05 18 May 2008

ok i tried test, its telling me my d/l is 938kbs and my upload is 210kbs, ping210kbs.
I usually get about 80kbs when im downloading for real. Im with Orange and think im right in saying its a 2meg basic package (was Wanadoo)
I hope this helps

  gengiscant 15:02 18 May 2008

Excuse me, tosser,"improving net connection"problem headline,forwarding will give an improvement,but hey with your advice,all is sorted.
OOps no advice,as I said tosser.

  Halmer 15:17 18 May 2008

click here

seemed to give some improvement

What is port forwarding by the way?

  MAT ALAN 15:31 18 May 2008

gengiscant, NO NEED for the insults my friend, what you think might be a stupid question gives you no right to call people "tossers" especially on this forum, A simple explaination would have suficed so we can all learn...

  gengiscant 16:18 18 May 2008

Correct,I apologise to the forum.

  MAT ALAN 16:25 18 May 2008

gengiscant, No problem matey, i am sure Bob The Blob will accept...

So where does that leave us
click here

for those who K-not K-Now......

  wundahorse 16:34 18 May 2008

thx for help guys will read through it and give it a go and Halmers program.
Whats with the bickering lol :)

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