Improving Belkin router with speed problems

  westgolf 14:47 09 Jan 2013

My Belkin router was fine until @ 2 weeks ago.Since then the speed of download has slowed considerably.I have tried a reset & there seems to be a little improvement.My speedy connection of the past was way quicker than what I receive now. Can anyone please suggest a way to ensure I get the best that's possible on my connection ? Thanks.

  Ian in Northampton 15:08 09 Jan 2013

To be honest, I'd look anywhere but your router for the problem - unless you know for sure that's where the problem lies? Can you beg/borrow/steal another one to see if it makes any difference? I'd suspect your PC/the line to your home/the exchange/your ISP before I suspected the router. Some things to consider, beyond trying a different router, might include getting your ISP to do a test on your line, and checking whether your ISP is throttling you because you've exceed your monthly download limit.

  Bris 16:57 09 Jan 2013

As Ian suggests its worth getting your ISP to run a speed test.

Is your connection cable or ADSL?

  bumpkin 18:12 09 Jan 2013

Routers work or don't work, wont be the router.

  woodchip 19:30 09 Jan 2013

First turn router off by pressing the button at the back leave off for about one minute then turn on and try it, You could also try downloading and running TCPOptimizer from the net. It works for me on all my PC's

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