Improveing a wireless link.

  Stowit 11:18 01 Mar 2004

I wan't to improve the signal strength/quality of my my wireless link, that for some reason are both woefully low (20%)on my wifi'b' home network. This is despite being nowhere near the limits of the suposed range. Has anyone any suggestions how to go about it? ie an improved aerial (perhaps remote for my tower) or tips on positioning etc. Any help appreciated

  Al94 11:34 01 Mar 2004

Limits of range mean very little in a home setup. You have to imagine a straight line from your wireless point to your modem/router and what objects lie between. All sort of things, walls, pipes, radiators, wiring etc have an effect. I can position my laptop about 10 ft and get a lousy signal but downstairs get 100% If you have an old property with thisck stone walls, can be worse. Have your wireless router as high as possible and just experiment with positions to get best results.

  Stowit 12:04 01 Mar 2004

Ta Al94, I'm not well up on wireless, but have done what I can with position of PCs/router. I couldn't see it on the Belkin site, but PC world sell a remote antena for my card (the solution I feel). That seems to have an incredibly short cable though & I doubt would make significant improvements. I think the thread on the back of the PCI wireless card (where the antenna screws) may be 'f' type (like satelite). If I can make up a 'long extension, to put the aerial where there's a good signal that would be the answere. I suppose that's really what I was asking - has anyone done similar? Was it successful? What aerial did they put on the end of the extension?

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