Improve web sites search results?

  [DELETED] 19:27 13 Aug 2003

Can anyone give me some advice on how I can improve the chances of my wifes website appearing higher up the listing when searching via Google, Alta Vista etc.

I have done some research, but most makes no sense to me, spiders, trawlers, robots???
Is it worth using META TAGS (descriptions/keywords)? some say yes, some say no, what is the best way to increase my chances of being found using a keyword type search.

I have registered my domain with Google, but there is no guarantee that it will be added to
their list.

One problem that I may have is with my webhost 1&1. Dont get me wrong it is ideal, cheap n cheerful for what I need at the moment, but I may well need to upgrade. I have no idea how well they interact in the whole listing process.

If anyone knows of any links that can explain the current process with perhaps some advice I will consider giving some free samples if an improvement is noticed.

Thanks in adavace.


  Forum Editor 21:46 13 Aug 2003

if you published the url of your site. I know it's in your other thread, but you've ticked that now, so people will tend not to read it, and it will slip down the page.

This subject would fill this page and several others, and I'm not going to attempt to provide a definitive answer. I did try to do it in a presentation to some corporate clients recently, and realised that I had lost the attention of most of my audience within the first ten minutes.

I've provided some advice in your other thread - summarised it was "Don't place too much faith in search engines". People are now paying for high rankings, and unless you have deep pockets I would not suggest competing in that way. Taran has already provided you with plenty of good technical advice - again in your other thread. - so I'll provide you with a good link -
click here and find out a little more.

  [DELETED] 00:48 14 Aug 2003

I will go and check your posting.

For those intersted the url to my site is click here

You were right, Taran provided some give foundation research and has been helpful as ever.

When I last checked my pockets had been sewn up, so that route is taken out.

I'll check your link, so thanks again.



  [DELETED] 20:40 14 Aug 2003

I tried the previous thread, entered details but just keeps returning CANNOT FIND SERVER.
Tried with a couple of browser, IE6, Mozilla and CrazyBrowser, but no joy.

Thanks any way.


  [DELETED] 22:31 14 Aug 2003

this post IMHO is very good and will enlighten you as to the complexity of search engine optimisation

click here

  [DELETED] 23:01 14 Aug 2003

Works for me - but as FE says "People are now paying for high rankings"

  [DELETED] 23:03 14 Aug 2003

... I have a program which allows you to create your own Metatags simply and then Copy and Paste them into your Website code.

click here and click on Jester2K Freeware - find MetaTag Builder

  [DELETED] 13:28 20 Aug 2003

meta tags are old news and search engines don't use them anymore because of web spamming - there are loads of sites that will give you help type website optimisation into google. most important is keywords - the words that people will search for (particularly frequency)and your front page doesn't have any. Search engines cannot see flash content. have a look at google type in your url (including www) and then have a look at the cache that google has for your page.
Most important is to have as many quality sites linking to you as possible, this is the main way for a search engine like google to find your site. you can always buy the book search enging visibility from amazon.

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