Improve speed

  treblebob 13:37 18 Nov 2006

Can anyone advise on routine maintenance I can do easily to speed things up.
I regularly defrag,diskclean,get rid of cookies.
But is there something I'm missing that I can do easily without downloading special programs?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:11 18 Nov 2006

click here and download ccleaner. This will get rid of lots of unnecessary rubbish.

  NotSureBoutThis 14:12 18 Nov 2006

Also, try and clear out your system restore log

  Jackcoms 15:39 18 Nov 2006

And do you really need all those programs you've installed over the years?

If not, un-install them.

Also go to Start; Run and type msconfig. Then use click here to determine which programs you DON'T need to run at startup.

  reece1705 17:07 18 Nov 2006

Another method would be to clear up your prefetch files. These are a list of files and subroutines that are loaded at startup. It is perfectly safe to delete them as the ones that are required will be restored.

To do this go to 'start' and then 'run'. Type in 'prefetch' and press enter. Select all of the files and delete them. Reboot your computer.

There should be some imporvement in speed as only what is still necessary will be loaded at bootup and anything from programs that are no longer in use will not be loaded.

  Jackcoms 17:11 18 Nov 2006

CCleaner has already been suggested.

If that is used, one of its functions is to clear out old preftech data.

  Sloper69 20:02 19 Nov 2006

If you've had your computer 2months plus, you should consider using the disk defragmenter tool. (START - PROGRAMS - ACCESSORIES - SYSTEM TOOLS)

Computers tend to be a bit untidy how they store things on the hard drive. The defragmenter will group bits of information together and the bits of disk space together which helps the computer run more efficiently. This should be done every 1 or 2 months if a heavy user, every 3 to 4 if an occassional user.

  keef66 15:51 20 Nov 2006

you culd've saved yourself a bit of typing if you'd read the original post!

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