improve boot time

  Edward_Winsall 18:18 17 Apr 2007

is there an easy way of speeding up login and destkop loading?

  Madpad_001 18:20 17 Apr 2007

start/run/msconfig/start up.

Then uncheck all programs you don,t want to start.

  GaT7 18:55 17 Apr 2007

Madpad_001's suggestion may be too simplistic, & you could be disabling programs that your system needs to function well.

Please post your PC's spec, including OS & main programs (especially those loading at startup), & the time it takes to fully boot up. This will give us some idea if it is indeed taking too long to start up & we can suggest a few things to do (or see the link below).

If you'd like a more comprehensive list of things to do than just disabling startup items click here. G

P.S. How quick one's PC boots (or seems to do so) can also be a personal thing. As an example (only), someone's PC may startup in 5 min, while another's may take 2 min. The former is satisfied while the latter could be obsessing about making his/her PC startup quicker. In some instances, it may be well left alone & instead getting into the habit of something else while it's booting up, like making oneself a cup of tea.

  mocha 18:58 17 Apr 2007

Use the hibernate option when you shut down. Go to 'Control Panel' 'Power Options' 'Hibernate' and put a tick in Enable Hibernation. As you go to 'Shut down', hover the mouse over 'Stand By' and you will see hold down the shift key and click on 'Stand By' to Hibernate. This will save all your programs you are already using into RAM and restore them when you next start up. It will start up quicker, just remember if you have updates to XP or you install a prog. and it asks you to restart your computer then you must do that in order for all updates to take effect.

  GaT7 19:09 17 Apr 2007

On 2nd thoughts, that link with all those tweaks may be a bit too much for the average user. Most may be best left alone, especially if you wouldn't know what to do if you get something wrong which makes your PC worse/unbootable. G

correction - In some instances, it may be well left alone & instead getting into the habit of doing something else while it's booting up, like making oneself a cup of tea.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:15 17 Apr 2007

79. Disable floppy drive seek
80. Set primary display adaptor
81. Enable quick POST/memory test
82. Eliminate unwanted programs from boot up
83. Scan your PC for spyware and Adware
84. Disable boot virus detection
85. Change boot sequence.
86. Disable the XP loading screen
87. Eliminate unwanted fonts to increase boot speed
88. Turn off bios disk detection
89. Use the Bootvis utility
90. Use the Intel application accelerator
91. Disable unnecessary services
92. Disable unneeded devices in device manager
93. Disable auto detection for empty IDE slots
94. Reduce wait time after XP boots

click here

  pac73 19:30 17 Apr 2007


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