Improper shutdown

  acceptmyname 00:03 06 Jan 2008

When I started my pc up today the screen went funny when it got to my desktop and it froze I then manually switched the power off and back on then rebooted were I got the following warning

Improper shutdown during VGA clocksetting do you want to reset.

I chose to reset.

Do I have anything to worry about and is there anything i should be doin to fix this problem.

  acceptmyname 02:30 06 Jan 2008


  acceptmyname 12:03 06 Jan 2008


  MAJ 12:25 06 Jan 2008

It looks like a graphics glitch, acceptmyname. Are you still having the problem or has it rectified itself?

  acceptmyname 13:06 06 Jan 2008

It seems to have rectified itself for now

is there anything i can do to prevent it happening again

Thanks for reply

  martjc 13:09 06 Jan 2008

...if you give it time to boot properly,
but if it does just go through the same procedure

  martjc 13:10 06 Jan 2008

..from the manufacturers site.

  Technotiger 13:15 06 Jan 2008

Also note that the correct way to switch off (always as a last resort), is to hold down the On button on the PC for four seconds - not to switch off at the switch on the back of the PC nor at the Mains switch.

  Technotiger 13:16 06 Jan 2008

Forgot to mention - don't switch on again for at least 30 seconds.

  acceptmyname 13:26 06 Jan 2008

Thanks for replys will take all your advice.

  acceptmyname 17:14 06 Jan 2008

Hi fellas I have just had the error message again same as before except this time when i rebooted i again chose to reset but this time my screen went fuzzy again and i had to restart again.

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