Impossible to buy online using Firefox.

  hastelloy 10:33 12 Sep 2018

I mainly use Firefox and lately have found that, having gone through all the ordering and paying procedures, I get to a credit card verification page. On Firefox this just sits there, giving me nowhere to enter anything and no way of getting out of it other than going back a page. Using Chrome, I get the same thing but am allowed to enter a code and everything goes through without a problem.

I can't see anything in settings which look like they could affect this - am I missing something?

  Govan1x 11:46 12 Sep 2018

Are you using the most recent update. Version 62.0

It will be either a cookie problem or an add blocker problem.

Firefox is my main Browser but I have to use Chrome most of the time as Firefox reacts badly to PCA if you are using add blockers.

Most of the time I cant sign in to this forum because of it.

But mainly use Firefox for searching and chrome banking etc.

I actually get a box when deleting Firefox which says Firefox did not shut down properly tick here to notify Firefox.

And thats a wast of time.

  Govan1x 12:48 12 Sep 2018

This is the box I get when closing Firefox. Not sure if it is the latest Firefox update that is doing it or not.

Click Here

  hastelloy 17:01 12 Sep 2018

Yes, I am using the latest version. I don't have problems with this site on Firefox and don't have the other problems you mention.

I'll have to look at adblocker and see if that is it.

Many thanks.

  difarn 20:15 12 Sep 2018

Sometimes adblocker is a problem but you usually get a notification asking you to disable it. I use Firefox as my main browser and there are some sites that Firefox is not happy with. I don't know whether you have Flash disabled and that is required for sites where you have to make a payment, for example. Sometimes sites require this. When I can't use Firefox I just use Chrome.

There are some suggestions here from Mozilla that may help.

click here

  hastelloy 15:18 13 Sep 2018

I have flash set to "Ask to activate". Your link was sadly no help as I have no trouble at all paying with PayPal - only when paying with a credit card but thanks anyway.

  difarn 21:20 16 Sep 2018

Did you check that block pop-ups was not ticked in Preferences? Pay-pal may well use a different system to Firefox. Three bars top right, options, privacy and security, Cookies and site data.

  hastelloy 08:33 17 Sep 2018

Block pop-ups was ticked so I have changed it. Many thanks.

  Govan1x 08:39 17 Sep 2018

[I have flash set to "Ask to activate.]

I must be missing something I do not have flash on Firefox as I was under the impression that it was no longer needed.

  hastelloy 09:17 17 Sep 2018

Perhaps that's why I'm never asked! :-)

  Govan1x 09:36 17 Sep 2018


What I meant was it is not on my Firefox anywhere. So just wondering if I had deleted it at some point. or maybe it was not there in the first place.

So I suppose my question is do I need to download it.

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