Imposition of advert box on home page by bt yahoo

  JohnT88 14:19 10 Oct 2007

One of my main reasons for using BT as an ISP was the complete lack of in your face advertising. BT Yahoo have now imposed a massive advertising box onto my home page without bothering to give me an alternative. I have complained to BT Yahoo and asked them to address this problem but they have now stopped answering my E Mails. I have tried to contact the Chief Executive to see if he would become involved but nothing heard. To stop all junk mail, fax's telephone calls I have registered with a national opt out service. Other than changing my ISP could anyone suggest any other way that I can get BT Yahoo to stop bombarding me with the adverts.

  silverous 14:22 10 Oct 2007

When you say YOUR home page - do you mean the home page your browser is set to go to when you start it up ?

i.e. their main page?

Good luck getting any website to remove advertising from THEIR home page!

Why don't you just change the home page and use a different page, you can stay with same ISP ?

I'm a bit confused here, I think you may mean something different to my understanding.

  [email protected] 14:23 10 Oct 2007

change your home page, i used mine for about a week over a year ago, yahoo are famous for bombarding adverts, tracking cookies, they have a 'we collect personal info' warning on the home page and always have. just use another home page and windows mail.

  JohnT88 14:29 10 Oct 2007

For Silverous. Yes it is the page my Browser goes to when I switch on.

For adman 2. Doing what you suggest is an option but it does feel like giving into them. BT do charge a premium compared with some of the other ISP's so I change pages as a last resort which could be shortly. Thank you both.

  silverous 14:32 10 Oct 2007

I don't think they are charging for their home page, they are charging to connect you to the internet.

It is a bit like complaining to the Forum Editor of this site about adverts - they pay for the site, you do not...same with a home page. Don't consider it part of the package.

I can almost certainly view the same page if you gave me the address and I'm not paying them a penny. It is a freebie to all and therefore paid for via advertising.

I'd find one you like instead, what do people see in ISP home pages anyway these days?

  JohnT88 14:46 10 Oct 2007

For Silverous. Yes but when I originally subscribed there were no adverts. I presumed that this was because of the price I was paying and was the main attraction for me. I can stop Junk Mail, Telephone calls, Fax's etc. so why can I not be give the choice not to be bombarded with adverts?

  Meshuga 15:34 10 Oct 2007

JohnT88, If you were given the choice not to be bombarded with adverts the charge for your service would go sky high. Someone has got to pay for providing you with that service and if it`s not Yahoo it will be you. And if you think that arguing with them over it will get you anywhere, Forget it.

  silverous 15:45 10 Oct 2007

You assumed the page was part of the was not.

When you stop junkmail, telephone calls, fax's they are people forcing their contact upon you. That is quite right. This is YOU, choosing a FREE homepage and then complaining when it changes.

Choose another one. If you say what you use it for, no doubt we'll be able to recommend one at least as good if not better.

I tend to use google as my start page and keep relevant news etc. pages ready to hand in my favourites.

  €dstowe 15:46 10 Oct 2007

I have BTYahoo as my ISP at home. Apart from opening it occasionally to empty the excellent junk mail trap, I never use it.

The BBC is my home page on IE, Firefox, Opera and Netscape.

  tullie 15:55 10 Oct 2007

for goodness sake,just,change your home page

  Fingees 17:21 10 Oct 2007

I use as my home page, but get no adverts, as I use Firefox with its ad blocker.

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