Importing Yahoo e-mail contacts as a group

  widdy 16:02 09 May 2014

I have just taken on a voluntary job as secretary and I have a list of about 700 e-mails which I want to import to my contact list as a group. Is there a quick way of doing it All help most appreciated

  rdave13 17:46 09 May 2014

Seeing that you've had no replies, have found these two links that might be useful,

click here don't use Yahoo so even if the info isn't relevant I've bumped the thread up :)


  rdave13 17:47 09 May 2014

Second link for export but similar for import I should think.

  widdy 08:23 10 May 2014

The big problem is that I have circa 700 e-mail addresses on a spread sheet which are not yet in my address book. I thought about creating a new e-mail address, solely for the club and importing them as a csv file. to an empty address book. I was just hoping there was a quick way of doing it rather than sit and typing in 700 names and e-mail addresses. Thanks for your help. maybe someone knows. Cheers

  rdave13 13:04 10 May 2014

I found this. Might give a few clues?

  widdy 14:40 10 May 2014

Thanks but I have tried all that. When I attempt to save it as CSV file, it tells me that it might not be compatible and offers to save it without the incompatibilities. It seems to be saved as a csv file but still wont load into my contacts. Total nightmare

  rdave13 15:31 10 May 2014

Well, I've found another one, link ,best of luck.

  widdy 16:23 10 May 2014

That sounds likely, will have a go later but going on a weeks holiday now so will let you know Many thanks

  widdy 17:50 10 May 2014

Success !!!! Bottom line is that I created a dedicated e-mail address for the club and added just one address to the address book. I then exported that address as a CSV file, copied email addresses from the original spread sheet to the exported CSV file and then imported it back to my dedicated new e-mail address. Thanks so much for all your suggestions and the time and effort you have taken. Thanks very much

  wiz-king 18:00 10 May 2014

What are you hoping to do with the list?

If you want to email all members you may have trouble with normal e-mail providers thinking that you are sending spam, you might have to use a bulk mail program or split your list into smaller parts.

  rdave13 18:36 10 May 2014

widdy, just glad you're sorted. It's yorksub on the other link that did the work, I was just lucky to find it.

wiz-king's post is correct. Worth talking to your ISP/ Email provider first to notify of your intention of bulk email sending.

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