Importing Outlook Express messages into WLM

  tallboy 22:39 31 Dec 2015

I'm trying to import some old Outlook Express (DBX) files into Windows Live Mail so that I can check and keep or delete them (as appropriate). I'm aware how you should do it - using the WLM Import function - but every time I try to do it, I get a Microsoft error message: "No messages can be found in the folder or another application is running that has the required files open."

I have double checked that there are messages in the chosen folder and that it is not open in Windows Explorer or any other application - but still the error exists.

Is there another application that can convert Outlook Express DBX files to Windows Live Mail? If there is, I can then convert and import them - or simply transfer them to the appropriate storage folder using Explorer.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

  AroundAgain 23:40 31 Dec 2015

Hi I put this into Google "convert dbx files to windows live mail" (without the quotes) and there seem to be a significant number of links to check through. Perhaps at least one of the links will help you.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:22 01 Jan 2016

"No messages can be found in the folder..............

Does the folder contain the complete Outlook Express Message Store (the folder that you copied from XP called "Outlook Express" that contains numerous DBX files)? If it does, and the folder is on an external drive, then copy the folder to your PC and try WLM's import again. That worked for me last month when I encountered the same problem as you.

  tallboy 12:46 01 Jan 2016

Thanks for the quick posts AroundAgain & Secret-Squirrel. There are a number of DBX files from previous Outlook activity and when converted (see comments below) change to folders with numerous messages in each. (It seems that where as WLM saves one file per message, each DBX file is the equivalent of a folder full of message.)

Originally, the messages were on a flash stick but even though I transferred these to my desktop's HD, they still wouldn't import using the WLM import tool. However, when I followed your Google search AroundAgain I located three conversion tools. (I had previously done a similar search - before my PC Advisor post - but all the results I saw came back to using the WLM Import tool. I obviously didn't go down the search list far enough!)

I have now installed both the Stellar and SysTools DBX to WLM converters. Both seem to work fine. The free /trial version of Stellar only converts 25 messages per folder (full version cost $39) whereas the SysTools converter limits it to 25 messages per folder - which is probably enough for me.

I have also downloaded (but not yet installed) the trial version of DBX2WLM converter. I may give this a go, but if Systools does everything I need, I'll give it a miss.

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