Importing LP disk tracks.

  jack 08:52 22 Mar 2005

I am certain this topic has been covered lots - but a search revearled nowt - I guess I have not hit upon the correct phrase.

I have connected a turntable to the 'Line In' port
and spun a disk then set about looking around for
a 'built in' facility in XP Pro to download the out put.
Nothing so far has aknowledged the signal.
Win Media player 10 allows for CD's but nothing from a 'line in source' This would also apply to any source through line in I guess - tape I suppose also.
Am i talking about therefor a software that will pick up 'Line in' and its analogue input?

  howard60 08:55 22 Mar 2005

most turntables need to go through a preamp I believe though not sure. Windows media player and Real player do have a record section.

  Happy Soul 11:04 22 Mar 2005

This click here may do the trick.

  SEASHANTY 11:56 22 Mar 2005

Another one click here

  SEASHANTY 12:07 22 Mar 2005

...and another click here

  jack 17:52 22 Mar 2005

Happy Soul and SeaShanty

Thank you both for the downloads- Will get them and have a play around.

I Have done the Line In enabeling thing in
audio, but the input didnot show up anywhere
So we shall see what happens now.

  bjh 20:30 22 Mar 2005

You will almost certainly have to go through an amp beffore sending the signal to your computer. Turntable output is MUCH weaker than output from CD or tape decks. You can get a simple amp from places like Richer sounds (£15ish), or use any older amplifier you may have.

There are lots of software progs that help get rid of clicks & scratches, and tey do a brilliant job. I copied over 400 records a year or two back, and most are pretty respectable now - despite one having broken in half!

Biggest tip; start slowly, record a couple only, try different sw apps, work out the best way of doing things, THEN start copying them en mass. I copied about 50, and only THEN worked out that there were better/clearer/faster ways of doing things!

Simple software to get you started...CD Wave & Groove Mechanic. More expensive options are available, but these do the trick. It's a while since I did this, so there may be better apps now.

You'll still need an amp, I'm afraid!

  Jeffers22 20:37 22 Mar 2005

The links above suggest a pre-amp is sufficient. Is this your experience bjh? Or anyone elses for that matter!

  jack 12:20 23 Mar 2005

Regards the Pre Amp business
The TT is an Aiwa PX-E860K
This has what is called an 'Equalizer Amp Built in with an on/off switch
The blurb sez If it is to be connected to a device via Video/VCR/'Aux ports the amp needs to be on
I imagine a PC's 'Line in' Equates -what do you all think?

I have yet to do any more in this direction though I now have the downloads.
So perhaps this coming weekend her downstairs will see the wisdom of going in the garden instead
of being parked on the M25 and allow me to get on with the project- of this more anon

  curlylad 12:35 23 Mar 2005

I explored different possibilities for transfering LPs onto H.D. , in the end I purchased a program from PC World called Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 Deluxe.The price of this was £29.99 but for your money you get the cd-rom , A full PDF manual , a full printed manual , 1 audio cable which will attach Hi-Fi to PC even if you do not have line-out facility on your Hi-Fi as it can be plugged into the phones socket if necessary , also contains video tutorials.It also includes a brilliant filtering system for removing crackles and hissing etc that is fairly easy to use but if you cannot quite get the desired effect it will suggest its own !You can also record old cassette tapes with this program.
I have been using it for some time now and swear by it but have a look for yourself here click here Hope this helps.

  SEASHANTY 14:16 23 Mar 2005

I used to use Roxio Easy CD creator or Nero for recording LPs to CDR. This was back in the days that Roxio was Adaptec. Always found Easy CD creator simple to use. There are several links to LP recording - just do a search in Google by inputting
<software record LPs HDD CDR> It will bring up a score of links.

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