importing on iTunes crashes my PC

  shaneoneill 20:17 09 Dec 2005

Hi All,

Can anyone help me out, whenever I import a cd on itunes, after about 4 tracks, itunes suddenly crashes my pc! I recently moved my library location to my D drive where there is plenty of room (70+ GB) so its not crashing from lack of space. Any ideas anyone??

  dgoldsmith 08:42 27 Dec 2005

I'm having the same problem, more or less (isn't four tracks consistently, but the idea is the same) - did you ever find a solution, get a solution elsewhere, or have someone respond to you off list? Thanks!

[email protected]

PS: Also recently added a second, much larger harddisc, and am storing my itunes library there (but boot disc and itunes program are both still on my original "C:" drive) - maybe that's the problem... Maybe I'll try importing first to the c: drive, then dragging to the D: drive; or installing itunes on the D;drive and running it from there; I'll let you know if that works.

  mangus 04:25 28 Dec 2005

Having same problem -- this is unique to iTunes 6.0 and they have not yet solved with updates. I switched back to v5 and do not have the problem anymore, but recently purchased a video iPod and am now stuck with v6, and cannot import CDs. I'm importing as mp3, 192 variable with highest encoding.

  dgoldsmith 03:18 29 Dec 2005

Know of a place to download version 5? (Not easily findable at Apple's iTunes site.)


  dgoldsmith 03:59 29 Dec 2005

Do you two have dual processor or dual core computers? If so, check out:

click here

  dgoldsmith 01:52 30 Dec 2005

Sorry for the cryptic link: I cut and paste a link to an Apple support doc, but it appears as only a "click here" for some reason; anyway, the suggested fix didn't work in my case (the doc indicated that our problem can occur on dual processor/dual core computers, which I have, and that the solution is to set iTunes' affinity to just one processor, but that didn't work; I also encountered a doc which said that error correction should be turned off, which mine was originally, but I had turned it on in case that was the problem, so I turned it back off, still problem not solved!) So, mangus, I'm back to wanting version 5 of iTunes (or another Windows app which will import aiff) if you know where I can get it. Also, you "speak" as if Apple has acknowledged this bug, but I can't find any evidence of that searching their site - do you know whether or not they know of this problem? Thanks!


  shaneoneill 14:46 30 Dec 2005

Hi DG,

In my case the problem appeaers to be gone now! My PC has been giving me some trouble of late. So I went out and got a reputable anti virus software - totally cleaned the pc. It seem ed to crash again occaisionally but what I then did was turn off the radiator in the room the pc is in! .. It worked! I think it was over heating, wellat least I hope so. Last night iTunes prompted me to download the very latest version, which i did. Then I imported a CD and it didnt crash! I'm not so sure which method solved teh problem but its working fine for the minute anyway.


  tim03 09:40 02 Jan 2006

Hey there,

I followed that link and it actually fixed the problem completely for me. I'm running Athlon 64 X2 4200+ dual processors, so I tried the above link. Hasn't crashed since, but it's a bit of a pain because you have to set the affinity each time you reopen itunes and want to import. Oh well, it's better than it crashing every 2 or 3 songs.

Sorry DG, don't know why it didn't work for you, but thanks for the link!


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