Importing internet favourites

  Bathsheba 21:09 30 Jan 2010

Anyone know why I can't import my internet favourites? I've done this before loads of time and it's worked fine, but for some reason this time in won't recognise 'bookmark' as a file. My interent favourites are saved in a folder which I hold on an external hard drive. Normally I just click on the 'Add favourites' button on the browser, choose import, locate favourites folder and it copies them all in. The name of the file comes as as 'bookmark' which seems to be causing the problem Does anyone know of another way of importing them?

  Sea Urchin 23:08 30 Jan 2010

Which browser are you using?

  Bathsheba 12:38 31 Jan 2010

IE 7.0

  Sea Urchin 13:01 31 Jan 2010

When you highlight Import Favorites and click Next under "Import from a file or address" click the browse button and find the actual bookmarks file on the external drive. Double-click on it and it will then appear in the address bar - then click Next.

If you just go into the Import/Export Wizard it will just say 'bookmark' but as long as you change that to the correct address/location it should work fine.

  Bathsheba 17:37 31 Jan 2010


The file on my external drive is a folder called 'Favourites'. I'm not sure if it's a bookmarks file. When I double click on it,the address doesn't appear and it doesn't give me the option of 'next', only 'open'. I've tried double clicking on one of the folders within this and then again on one of the bookmarks - this address copies through and it allows me to click 'next', but then I get a message saying 'this is not a valid bookmark file'. It's so frustrating because I've definitely done it this way before and it's worked. The 'Favourites' folder is not something I created myself - it was a folder in my system on my old pc, so no idea if it's a bookmark file or not. Can I rename it?

  Bathsheba 17:49 31 Jan 2010

I've discovered how to do it! The solution id NOT to use the import wizard - this was trying to find a bookmark file which didn;t exist. Instead I clikced on 'organise favourites' and then just dragged and dropped the entire 'favourites' folder from my external drive into the window. Hey presto! I think that's how I did it last time, but fogot.This is good to know for anyone changing from an old pc expecially with anewer version of IE.

Thanks for your ehlp anyway.

  Sea Urchin 18:11 31 Jan 2010

Well yes, you can only import a file of favorites/bookmarks if you have previously exported it.

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