Import/Export between Outlook & O.Express

  Furkin 07:57 03 Jun 2004

Hi all,
Sorry for a basic question. I can't stop my version of OUTLOOK (2002) from hanging,,, so am reluctantly going back to Outlook Express. I feel like such a twerp, cuz I can't seem to export Contacts (address book) & Send Log from Outlook to O.Express ??? Does anyone have the time to help me please ?
(at some point, I'd like to get Outlook working properly also ??)

  Furkin 11:53 06 Jun 2004

Thanks for the replies:
1/ TERMINATOR: Outlook was my default. As it keeps hanging for no apparent reason, i decided to go back to O.Express. I had to re set all my e.mail adresses - that was o.k,,, I need to import the Address/Contact files etc.
2/ VoG: Tried that,,, but I can't make head or tails of it ! thick or wot ???
I've tried exporting from Outlook,,,
I've tried importing to O.Express,,,
the sad thing is, that I did it for someone else some time ago, & as usual, can't do my own !
Apart from this, it would be nice to get Outlook sorted !
I've tried the stuff on MS site, to no avail. MS themselves won't help as it's 2002 version.
Some time ago, when in e.mail mode, sometimes when pressing F7 it would hang. From there its got progressivly worse,, till the other day it started to hang when clicking almost anything.
My Norton I.S said that someone was trying to access my (Home) computer & may be via a trojan, but when I did a Visual on the computer address, it says that it is on MY Network (I don't have a Network, tis a stand alone unit)
hope this gives you an idea.
thanks again

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