Important .docx file won't open. Corrupt.

  nick_j007 12:11 06 Nov 2012

Hi all. Posting on behalf of a good friend who has been working on a nursing project. She has written 3000 words and they were transferring the file between 2 laptops I believe via a USB stick. The file will now not open and I have also tried with no joy. As you can imagine she is mightily distressed!

I gather they were working on XP machines using Word 2007. I have Googled about quite a bit and not come up with anything to help so far. Can anyone here try to open and recover the data please?

I have tried renaming it to a .zip file and it still won't open. I have just been trying to open it with Openoffice and no joy with that either.

I'm in the office so any help on this would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you,


  catpwss 12:32 06 Nov 2012
  lotvic 12:37 06 Nov 2012

Is Openoffice the only Word program you have on your pc to try to open .docx files?

What version number of Openoffice do you have?

  catpwss 12:45 06 Nov 2012

What about Office starter that's free??

  nick_j007 12:49 06 Nov 2012

I have the latest (downloaded it today) version of Open office. I read on another forum that someone succeeded in opening the corrupt file in Open Office wouldn't work. I have Word 2010 and it won't open in either programme.

catpwss. I'll follow those links thank you.


  Woolwell 12:57 06 Nov 2012

No back up I assume. If they had deleted (cut) instead of copy and then pasted into the USB stick and then pulled the stick too early then the data transfer may not have been completed resulting in corruption which regrettably may be irreversible. If they had used copy then there should be a copy left on the original laptop. How did they do the procedure onto the memory stick?

  nick_j007 13:36 06 Nov 2012

No back ups to my knowledge, no. We've discussed future back up options.

I don't know how they went about shifting the save from the pc to the stick, but this may have been a part of the issue yes.

I'll forward this thread to them for now.

They have also looked in the auto save file for Word and nothing there despite having the option turned on.

Not looking good is it!


  nick_j007 13:41 06 Nov 2012

As a by the way, I see the file was named :

drug admin.docx

I have renamed it without the space but no joy. Would that affect the file as I thought no spaces should be there?


  Secret-Squirrel 13:41 06 Nov 2012

A couple more suggestions for you Nick:

1) Run a disk check on the USB stick and that may fix the file corruption.

2) If the Word document has been deleted from the original PC then use a free undelete tool such as Recuva.

  lotvic 13:42 06 Nov 2012

Try these to repair or recover text in Word

I hope you have made a copy of the file and are trying different solutions on the copy of the file (keep the original intact)

  nick_j007 13:43 06 Nov 2012

Squirrel thanks. I guess they navigate to the stick on the pc and right click for the disk check?

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