Import Word Table into Outlook Contacts?

  fruityfj 12:59 02 Aug 2003

I have inherited a large database in Word that I need to export to an Outlook Contacts format. Can anybody give me a quicker way than cutting & pasting each invidual entry? It'd take days!
Each contact is in a Word Table consisting
-Surname, First Name
-Name of Firm
-Address Line 1
-Address Line 2
-Postcode (in some cases more than one of these last 3 are on one line)

Most grateful if anybody can help save me some hours.
I'm using XP Pro (SP1) & MS Office XP - specifically Outlook 2002,Excel 2002 etc
Freddie Meynell

  rawprawn 13:41 02 Aug 2003

I don't know if a database is different, but have you tried Outlook contacts/file/ import This brings up a wizard and you can choose what you want to import.In fact it gives database as an option.

  Webmaster 14:18 02 Aug 2003

Just an idea but maybe you could import the data in to an MS Access database and then, in turn, import that database into Outlook. I say this because I'm not sure whether Outlook can import from Word directly. :-/

  fruityfj 15:43 02 Aug 2003

Thanks for the thoughts - have tried Outlook Import Wizard but didn't seem able to cope with more than one 'field' in one Table line. But it IS complicated (the wizard) & I may well have read it wrong. I'm useless at Access but I'll give it a go.
Thanks again

  Peter 15:58 02 Aug 2003


You could try converting the table in Word to text using commas as separators and save it as a text file with the .csv extension. Outlook may be able to import comma separated files. Just a thought; it might save some time.


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