immovavle application - power scan

  [DELETED] 15:50 11 Nov 2003

An unwanted application called Power-Scan has loaded itself onto my PC ..Windows 98 etc. It doesn't appear in the Windows uninstall list, it won't delete, it disables 'delete with wiping' and 'easy uninstall'. It claims that it can scan my pc for porn - it 'found' 173 files none of which was porn - because I don't have any. It has an uninstall button but clicking that makes it try to go to it's website and I don't fancy that given that it won't go away.

Oh yes, it came through my BlackIce firewall and my AntiVirus progammes say it isn't a virus.

So, do I click uninstall and go to its website or is there some other way of getting rid of it ?


  recap 16:10 11 Nov 2003

It may be spyware, download Spybot S&D. If it is spyware this utility will help to get rid of it. You can download it if you click here

  [DELETED] 16:59 11 Nov 2003

It is spyware/foistware as recap suggests , download Spybot S&D , they added power scan at the begining of the month.

  [DELETED] 11:33 14 Nov 2003

Great, Spybot did the job but has found something in the registry it can't get rid of probably because it is running - but we are working on that.
It has been suggested that I would have fewer problems using Netscape. Is that true ? Or would running Netscape with Windows 98 cause problems ?
Thanks again.

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