Imminent PC crash warning message

  frostypug 08:34 10 Sep 2014

Just rebooted laptop and got this on black screen

Failure predicted on hard disc Immediately back up your data and replace your hard disc. A failure may be imminent

Press F1 to continue

I do all my scans regularly and have no idea why this has happened. I pressed F1 and PC seems to work ok apart from a similar message popping up occasionally without the black screen. Fortunately I back up regularly. Is there anything I can do apart from replacing the hard drive ? Thankyou for any advice

  BRYNIT 08:52 10 Sep 2014

This may indicate that your hard drive may be about to fail and is advising you to back up all your files onto an external device. If your hard drive fails and you have not backed up your files you will loose them.

How to check your hard drive CLICK HERE

  frostypug 09:19 10 Sep 2014

Thank you for that I regularly do disc check but is there anything I can do to stop hard disc failing ? Or do I need to replace the hard drive ?

  frostypug 09:20 10 Sep 2014

On an avast scan it came up with benchmark error

  scotty 09:37 10 Sep 2014

Modern discs have a monitoring process called SMART. Read about it here

I do not know how accurate SMART is but backing up sounds like sound advice. I would consider dsic replacement. Look on the bright side, it is an excuse to upgrade to a SSD drive.

  frostypug 09:58 10 Sep 2014

Yes best way to look at it. Many thanks for that.

  BRYNIT 10:15 10 Sep 2014

You could download the trial version of Hard Drive sentinel CLICK HERE Although I wouldn't buy it myself I did try it once and found that one of the drives I use for backups had 18 bad sectors. It may give you an idea of haw bad the drive is.

1]: [click here

  john bunyan 11:00 10 Sep 2014

Just had same problem with a young relative's laptop. Cloned the old disc and put the clone back on a new one.( I use Macrium Reflect or ATI to clone)

  frostypug 12:34 10 Sep 2014

Thank you all for advice

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