Imminent hard disk failure disk 0

  bumpkin 20:59 02 May 2013

Hi all, I was watching TV then switched the monitor back to PC which had been running OK. Just got a totally blank screen as if the monitor switched off. Rebooted the PC and got something like this, Imminent hard drive failure Disk 0 PATA #251 F10 run DPS self test. Test 1 said OK, test 2 would not start. Rebooted as normal.

Message may seem obvious but not something I have seen before. I have a backup so no real problem if it fails apart from replacing the drive. Should I just ignore it?

  T0SH 21:41 02 May 2013

Looks like this warning is comming from an older HP/Compaq utility details here

But whatever external drives are resonably priced and there are freeware drive backup programs a plenty, to provide you insurance against drive failure

Cheers HC

  bumpkin 22:09 02 May 2013

Thanks Tosh, you are on the ball it is indeed an old HP Compaq. Reading through your link I don't think that I gave it enough time to complete the test. I have plenty of backup drives and software so no problem if it does fail. Just struck me as a strange message out of the blue. The drive is a 320 Maxtor about 1yr old. Perhaps just a blip in the system, if it occurs again I will let the self test run its full course. It was working fine and is now, it is the sudden blank screen that puzzles me.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:00 03 May 2013

Bumpkin, most hard drives and motherboards support technology called S.M.A.R.T. which constantly monitors hard-drive health and reports any problems found to the motherboard which in turn alerts the user. It's not specific to HP or Compaq computers.

"Perhaps just a blip in the system...."

It's possible. DiskSmartView v1.05 is simple tool that can interrogate the saved SMART data recorded in your hard drive. It doesn't need installing - just download the ZIP file and double-click on DiskSmartView to launch it. Look down the "Status" column. If everything's fine then it should show "OK" for every section. If it says something different such as "OK Pre-Fail" then let us know more about it.

  bumpkin 13:42 03 May 2013

Secret-Squirrel, here is part of it.

Reported Uncorrectable Errors 390 1 1 0 Unknown Internal Temperature 41°C 41 52 0 Unknown [130] 1,099,528,405,851 1 0 0 Unknown Throughput Performance 0 0 0 0 Unknown Read Error Rate 4,402,425,561,859 0 3 6 Unknown Spin-Up Time 200,115,411,222,528 0 0 0 Unknown [164] 193,308,106,162,688 0 0 0 Unknown [155] 14,293,651,161,088 0 3 0 Unknown [131] 1,552,915,890,176 153 3 0 Ok
Read Error Rate 0 0 0 6 Unknown General Information

  bumpkin 16:08 03 May 2013

This only started today, when I try to boot it keeps asking me to press F1 to save the changes, eventually works after a few attempts. I have made no changes. Could this be related to drive failure?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:43 03 May 2013

"Secret-Squirrel, here is part of it."

Thanks for that but with everything jumbled up because the formatting's gone, it's difficult to make any sense of it. If you're able to do a screengrab with something like the Windows Snipping Tool then upload it to somewhere like then it'll be easier to interpret the results.

"....when I try to boot it keeps asking me to press F1 to save the changes...."

I doubt that it's anything to do with the hard drive. You usually get that behaviour when the motherboard's CMOS battery is flat. Has the PC been losing time recently?

  bumpkin 17:01 03 May 2013

thanks for your reply, I used cut and paste but appreciate that it did not work very well it was not as it was displayed on the screen. What it says really is that all is OK apart from those that say unknown. Clock seems OK but I will change the BIOS battery anyway.

  rdave13 17:10 03 May 2013

Another good drive analysis program is SpeedFan. Use the S.M.A.R.T. tab for testing. It will also run an online scan using the 'Perform an in-depth online analysis of this hard drive'. Worth a look.

Filehippo link.

  bumpkin 18:30 03 May 2013

I meant the CMOS battery don't know why I typed BIOS. Having put the new one in everything seems fine again. I can't see what that has to do with the failing drive message though. Thanks to all for your help, reluctant to close thread just yet, I will see what happens Tomorrow.


  bumpkin 20:53 03 May 2013

rdave23, thanks for the link interesting program. In depth on line analysis of the drive in question shows overall performance 90%, overall fitness 0% other drive on same PC is 98% and 90%. Does not instill a great deal of confidence in the suspect drive does it. Will see what happens.

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