ImgBurn says not enough room on disc - Magix says there is!!!

  hastelloy 11:47 29 Oct 2011

More of a puzzle than a problem.

I use Magix Audio Cleaning Lab to clean up audio files. I then burn to file (usually 65 to 75 mins). I then like to use ImgBurn to burn a CD from the file. I have done this many times.

Recently ImgBurn has started to tell me there's not enough space on the disc but Magix burns the disc without any problem.

Anybody any idea why this is happening?

  eedcam 12:21 29 Oct 2011

What size is the file and 65 to75 minutes to burn max of about 700 M/bytes to disc ?

  hastelloy 13:46 29 Oct 2011

The CDs are rated for 80 min or 700MB. I have not previously looked at file size, only time. The file size varies from 650 ish to 808 but most of them were burnt to CD with ImgBurn - it's only the last few which have thrown up the error. I can now see why the problem arises but now can't understand why it hasn't mattered in the past!!!

  eedcam 15:48 29 Oct 2011

Pray do enlighten as to what is was as someone else may get the problem but cant see why it takes so long to burn glad its sorted

  hastelloy 08:20 30 Oct 2011

I don't really know but I'm guessing that it was the size of the files.

Sorry for the confusion - the files take about 10 mins to burn - it's the audio tracks that are 65 to 75 mins when played!! As the CDs are rated at 80 mins, I assumed there shouldn't be a problem. Once you'd pointed out the file size was important it became clear that that could be where the problem lay.

  eedcam 15:34 30 Oct 2011

No Prob didn't think Imgburn would be at fault

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