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  K*B 18:20 14 Mar 2011

Friends, I downloaded an application which shows on my desktop as a *.IMG file. I understand that this is an image of the application and that it needs to be "expanded" onto a CD and then installed on a pc, right? How does this work out and how do I expand a *.IMG file onto a CD? Is it the same as burning this *.IMG file onto a CD using Nero? What exactly is involved in converting/translating a *.IMG file into a *.exe file on a CD? I don't know what to do with my download. Someone help please. Thanks.

  woodchip 18:30 14 Mar 2011

click here_(file_format)

to unzip you could may be use this click here

  K*B 10:53 16 Mar 2011

Thanks woodchip, I burned the downloaded application image (*.IMG/*.ISO) onto a CD using a burning software. This software used the image (*.IMG/*.ISO) file to recreat the application as a .exe file on the CD which I then installed on my Vista laptop. Thanks for your help.

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