Imfo fitting second hd

  zebbydog 15:46 12 Sep 2003

I have been given an 8 gig hd and would like to fit it to make a backup.
I run win 98 se dual booted with xp pro, i have win 98 on C and xp on D D is split with a G drive whitch at the moment is a Backup.

How do i fit the new hard drive so i can back up my D drive . Any help if this is possable please.

I use Partition magic 7 & Drive image 2002.

Thank you Zebby

  seedie 16:13 12 Sep 2003

Ensure the jumper on your 8g drive is set to slave.

Screw it into its bay,put the data cable on, red stripe goes nearest to power socket,put power plug in, restart puter press DEL or whatever to get into BIOS and alter settings so it knows about new drive.


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