Imation CD-r Problems

  jay123 00:09 31 Jan 2003

In the summer Morrisons had packs of 10 imation cd-r discs in a promotion 3 packs for 10quid.
I bourght some and have only just used up my older discs. Having already copied two disc's (for the car before anyone says anything.) i opened up my imation discs went to copy and to my suprise my writing program, B's recorder gold, stated that it would write at 8X as it was more apropriate for the meda, even though thay are stated as 32X discs. My troubles didnt end there after writting just over one track an error message appeared and the disc was ruined. This has now happened to 5 discs in a row. I've taken the steps sugested by the progam. Defraged my HDD, restarted, and left pc off for a while. as well as copying to the HDD befor writing. But i still have the problem.
Has anyone else had a problem with these discs?
My pc is a good spec, xp1700+, 512pc2100, 40gb 7200 maxtor hdd, Pionear dvd, and sony cd-rw. Running win xp and 98se duel boot, on a fat 32 hdd. I'm using win xp for writing,
Thanks for your help.


  Stokey 00:26 31 Jan 2003

jay123,I've had no problems with these discs and I now have used nothing else for ages. Having said that I've never had a single problem with any other make either.

It's often said on here though that some discs work well with some drives and not others. The general opinion seems to be -- if you find a disc that works for you, stick with it!

  Spencus 00:32 31 Jan 2003

I bought the same discs as you from Morrisons,and using Nero 5.5 have had no problems, Nero however also selected writing at 8x

  AndySD 00:46 31 Jan 2003

I had problems with there too....try going to the Sony Web Site or click here and look for a Firmware Update... this solved my problem.... different recorder though.

  muppetmark 07:39 31 Jan 2003

Oddly enough Have been using 50 pack of imation discs with no problems, after 35sh just burnt 2 coasters, maybe they have QC problems occasionally ?

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 09:07 31 Jan 2003

have always used these disc's never had a single prob, but 2 weeks ago bought some hp discs from pcw as they were on special offer (£8 for 25 spindle) so far have burnt 4 coasters!!

  bobbyp 09:38 31 Jan 2003

I tried burning a CD the other day for the first time (again for the car), however I tested on my home HiFi and it didn't work.
I then tried (after 3 attempts at burning) in the car and they all worked!
So thats ok, but just wondering if CDs will work in some things and not in others?

  Stuartli 13:51 31 Jan 2003

Have had no problems with either the 32x or 48x Imation CD-Rs from Morrisons using a TDK CyClone rewriter.

  jay123 13:52 31 Jan 2003

I thought that so i tried them in my car sterio and the same as the pc, it says there are 14 tracks but only plays One to one and a half tracks and then stops as finished.
Does any one know of morrisions returns policy, as a 100% coaster rating isnt a good thing i'n my opinion, and as my pc burnt two discs imediatly before i started coffee mat production.
Thanks for your help


  karmgord 19:56 31 Jan 2003

ive had same probs as you,burn failure showing all tracks but only playing 3 or 4 also wont play in some players won't be buying them again never had any probs ever before ! with lots of other brands

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