IMAP Folders Outlook 2010 Missing

  BarneySollars 16:20 31 Jan 2018

Good afternoon,

I have a number of domain names and far too many email accounts. My web hosting is with Host Presto.

When I wish to set up an email account, (IMAP as I work on a variety of machines) I set up the account from the control panel online and then just enter basic details in Outlook.

The account then duly appears in outlook with a standard set of folders, Inbox, drafts, junk, Notes, Sent, Spam and Trash.

I have just started working with a new business partner and they have given me an email address. I have been through the same set up in outlook but the only default folders I have got are Inbox drafts and spam.

I have spoken to their IT advisor and he suggests that all other folders need setting up from the mail client and then rules creating to filter incoming and outgoing mail, I don't think that this is correct, note experience above.

Any advice on how to at least get a sent box and trash for the account would be very welcomed!

Many thanks,


  BarneySollars 18:36 31 Jan 2018

Not sure why the difference but I logged in to web mail, created the folders and all all well.

Thanks for looking.

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