Images within email.

  Diemmess 16:56 26 Dec 2013

Using Chrome and XP for email, Avast and Comodo and now suddenly have blanks instead of pictures sent as part of an email. In other places and times I would receive a question "Do I wish to display the picture/s"

They are small size but all I can see at present is an empty frame.

There must be a box to tick or un-tick somewhere! Can anyone make my day and tell me where it is?

  Ian in Northampton 17:33 26 Dec 2013

Diemmess: you can't use Chrome and XP for email... Who is your email provider, and how do you access your emails?

  Diemmess 20:32 26 Dec 2013

OK - never very sure of the mechanics of email even though it is an essential tool for most.

Should have said BTinternet and until recently BT Yahoo for mail but now BT Mail.

Now that BT are supposedly shunning Yahoo Mail, they are not very clear about what they are doing, or when they will call it finished.

It was my fault a month ago to be had by a phishing menace, losing my address book and 14 months of the most recent incoming mail, so now I see problems with every keystroke!


  rdave13 20:38 26 Dec 2013

As you've changed the server for your emails I wonder if it's Comodo's firewall settings that needs adjusting? I don't use it so you will have to have a look around the settings.

  rdave13 20:38 26 Dec 2013

PS, on the empty frames is there a red 'x' in the corner?

  Woolwell 23:08 26 Dec 2013

You seem to be using webmail and accessing your emails through Chrome. I don't use BT and never have so cannot greatly help but I wonder if the emails are set to plain text instead of html although that is normally an email client setting.

  Ian in Northampton 09:30 27 Dec 2013

I use gmail (among others). Until recently, all emails were downloaded without pictures (unless you'd chosen the option to always display images from this sender). There was a dialog box at the top of each email asking whether you wanted to show images in this email. Now, gmail has changed - presumably upped their security - such that images are always automatically displayed in emails unless you choose otherwise. Not sure if this helps...

  Diemmess 09:40 27 Dec 2013

Thank you to each and everyone for good advice.

I didn't use a reboot last night, and this morning the pictures are back! I could easily be weaned off BT Mail, but don't wish to change my screen name.

I won't turn the tick green just yet while I discuss with friends sensible changes to my system and may be more suggestions along this line from you?

  Diemmess 15:36 07 Jan 2014

Thanks again for your collective help.

I've moved my affection to BT Mail from the Yahoo area, got to know a lot more about MS Outlook and am slowly recovering confidence.

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