Images on Websites not displaying....

  Splitty 11:23 04 Jul 2003

When I access certain websites, some images do not display.

Instead of the image I get a blank space with a small square in the corner with either a red cross in it or a symbol with a red square, green circle & blue triangle.

Anyone any idea what is wrong?

  jojo_1 11:40 04 Jul 2003

Do you have an add blocker?
If you do you could have it on the highest settings, try dropping it to a medium one.

  slimpickins 11:42 04 Jul 2003

and if you are running Norton Internet Security you may find its ad blocker enabled by default.

  Splitty 12:37 26 Aug 2003

Sorry, tried switching off ad-blocker, checking firewall settings, all set to medium. Switched off pop-up stopper, etc, still happening.

Now it seems to be happening more frequently & is getting very annoying!

Some sites display no images at all.

Please can someone help?

  slimpickins 12:19 27 Aug 2003

I think the problem maybe that the firewall is stopping images that contain redirection links in them.

The only way round this in NIS is to click on "Options" > "Internet Security" > "Web Content".

Click on the "Add site" button at the bottom and add the site.

This is unsatifactory for two reasons, there are so many websites that use redirecters and the name of the site isn't always the one you think.

I think Symantec should add an option to turn this off. I use ZoneAlarm and NIS but NIS is turned off a lot of the time.

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