Images and Textures look glitchy

  wolf22 23:12 09 Apr 2015

I've been noticing that a few images and textures, whether they're online, saved on my PC or in a game, do not load correctly. They usually cut off half way down the image, ending with a mess of multi-coloured static, or they suddenly change colour and the image is repeated or moved. Here are some examples i found while searching random images online; click here these examples only show images that have fully loaded and have different colours/positions, I also sometimes get images that just totally cut out 90% of the image, leaving a blank space with some multicoloured noise above it. This can happen on any type of graphics (sometimes even videos will cut out for a second and show just noise) and absolutely anywhere. Games, Browsers, Saved Images etc.

I have tested my HDD and RAM, so I highly doubt it's an issue with them, but it could be my GPU. I am currently using an R7 240.

Any help would be appreciated!


  wolf22 23:38 09 Apr 2015

More notable examples: click here seems to be a pattern; The images that load incorrectly are usually over 1000x1000 resolution, they are portrait-shape (larger height than width), and if I find a set of similarly themed/coloured images, if one of them is glitchy, then it's very very likely that the rest will be too, such as those images above of weapons. Those two, and around 5 more I found with similar colour/resolution are glitchy/not loading correctly.

There may also be a pattern relating to the colour of the images themselves. While I dont have examples, it occurs frequently in images with green and grey colours (grass and stone)


  wolf22 12:46 10 Apr 2015

click here a site that allows you to upload and share screenshots. I've been using it for years, along with practically everyone I know, and everywhere I look, people say the site is safe/trusted.


  rdave13 16:47 10 Apr 2015

If your motherboard has an on-board gpu chip, try removing the dedicated R7 240, and run on the motherboard's chip. If the graphics then look to be ok then it seems likely your card is on the way out. I'm assuming your drivers are up to date.

  wolf22 20:25 10 Apr 2015

Jock1e, I understand that there's two separate URL's, and they dont look safe, but before coming to the conclusion that these links are fake, do a bit of research. On URLvoid, 3 sites blacklisted, but what about the other 27, including Google and AVG, whom are well respected companies, that say it's safe?

rdave13, I will give that a try. Im getting a new GPU soon anyways, but it'd be best to make sure it is a problem with the GPU and not something else. Thanks! I'll make another post once i've tried that.

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