Images not loading in Hotmail - No system changes

  GibsonSt19 22:27 17 Sep 2005

Evening all, for the last couple of days when logging on to hotmail, the majority of the navigational graphics just don't appear.

Using Opera 8.02 (and have been for some time). No changes made to system, no software installed. I'm stumped. Opera is set to display all images, having firewall dusabled makes no difference etc.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

Screenshot below... if it helps at all!

click here

  Chegs ® 22:39 17 Sep 2005

Similar trouble here click here

  octal 22:41 17 Sep 2005

That's really strange, I tried disabling images and all images vanish, whereas some of yours are showing. This is a screen shot with images disabled click here I've no answer at the moment, I'll have a think.

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 10:02 18 Sep 2005

I'm still baffled by this one. Opera is set to display all images.

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 10:03 18 Sep 2005

It's the OP, just changed my name! :)

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 17:56 20 Sep 2005

Although one or teo button graphics have 'popped up'. click here to see.

I'd really appreciate some suggestions. Thanks lots.

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 11:20 22 Sep 2005

I STILL have no idea what was wrong, however I came down to my 'puter all sorted this morning!

Very strange.

click here

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 14:44 24 Sep 2005

I thought this was sorted, but now I'm back to the first screenshot!

Any help from someone who knows what's going on here?

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