Images not appearing on published web page

  Solvaworld1 19:33 26 Nov 2009

Hello Everyone,

I know this sounds like a silly issue question from a fellow web designer,

But I have upload my new website to my domain and for some reason the images are not showing on the internet although it shows perfectly locally,

I have even uploaded the HTML code instead of actually wep page files and I still have the same problem. When I copy the HTML code back into my HTML editor from the web host manager it then shows as it does on the web: without images. However this is the same code that I have taken from my editor ?????? Im totally confused. All files are in the correct directory, I have even created directorys for the _vti_cnf files in my web manager.

click here
(although the same occurs for every single page)I know you wont be able to see the images on your machines but maybe you could see if there is something wrong with the code. I just find it odd that the pages are fine locally when I open them with 3 different browsers. But online I get no joy. Although I can open each image in the web manager individually. There isnt any hint of referencing anything on my local drive. Completely lost and getting no where with my web host which is Fasthosts by the way. I can also add I have removed all files and added several times each time recreating the directorys in my web manager

I hope you can help thanks,

  stlucia 19:49 26 Nov 2009

If I right-click on one of your images, and then click on View Image, I get an error message, "404 - File or directory not found.
The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

So, could it be something as simple as an incorrect directory name, or an incorrect directory link within your code. The images might be showing locally because your software has a default path to the directory they're in.

  Solvaworld1 21:47 26 Nov 2009

Hmm locallu as I mentioned the images are stored in an image folder as they are on the web server here is how they are listed in HTML <img src="images/HeaderSlice.gif" width="1048" height="127" alt=""></td>

So I think it may rule that out what do you think?

  stlucia 08:25 27 Nov 2009

I agree, that code looks okay. The only thing I can think of is whether or not a slash in front of "images" will help matters.

I seem to remember having a similar issue many years ago, and my solution was to put all my images into the root folder so that I didn't have to reference any path. Not very elegant, I know, but it works for me.

  Solvaworld1 08:43 27 Nov 2009

I agree StLucia I did try that but no joy, also the only bit of assistance I have had from fasthosts is that, if when creating a the web pages the images operated in a seperate folder they will need to do so again on the web server. I read somewhere that it could be the capitals in the image names? surely that wouldnt effect it?

  Eric10 09:45 27 Nov 2009

Capital letters in themselves aren't a problem but if you do mix upper and lower-case in the image names then the links that point to them must use exactly the same combination.
e.g. HeaderSlice.gif is not the same as Headerslice.GIF when uploaded to the web, even though it makes no difference at all when used on your local machine. The same applies to folder names that may appear in the path; calling the folder 'Images' is not the same as 'images'. This is why most website writers use only lower-case and avoid spaces in file names because it makes it much easier to find any mistakes that may creep in.

  Eric10 09:55 27 Nov 2009

I've just noticed that you have posted the same problem in the Webdesign Forum which is where you will get the best help. Perhaps you should tick this thread as resolved so as to avoid confusion.

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