Images on Netfusion-built site dont appear

  dalglish 18:36 19 Nov 2004

Hi all

I have built a site using NetObjects Fusion 4.0 which looks good until I upload to my server which fails to display any of the GIF images. I'm browsing on IE 6.0.

What have i done wrong?

Cheers guys

steve 10:10 20 Nov 2004

make sure you dont move or delete any image files on your hard drive. Every time you update, or load a new page to your web host server NOF updates the images from your PC, and if they are no longer there, it will not show them.

  Forum Editor 11:30 20 Nov 2004

in an assets folder within the web. When you upload to the server the images go with the rest of the files, and they reside on the server, not on your hard drive. You don't have to save anything when you are working in NOF - the software does that automatically, each time you close your site. The images are collected and uploaded when you first publish from NOF, and it's actually very difficult to get this wrong.

As says, the important thing is not to move any site images on your hard drive, and it's good working practice to create dedicated folders for site images before you start work on a site. As you gradually create the site, put all images that you might use into this folder, and then, when you want an image on the page, point NOF to the dedicated folder. Once the site is running on the server don't touch the hard drive folder - leave it exactly where it is, and leave all the images alone. That way you'll always know where everything is, and more importantly - NOF will know too.

I suppose there's no chance that you have removed the 'show pictures' tick from Internet Explorer's tools/internet options/advanced list is there?

Why don't you post a link to your site, so we can take a look at the problem - it's usually easier to solve these problems if we can look at the site's code.

  dalglish 19:58 21 Nov 2004

Thanks guys to all of you - some really good advice.
The solution was that I had created a dedicated "images" folder like Dreamweaver suggests but Forumeditor's point that NOF does all the saving for you into the assets folder was the key. Thanks.

My site is here at:

a real mess I'm afraid. It's a [planned!] eBook site but I'm also struggling to locate the images accurately. When uploaded, they now appear not where they were placed on the NOF template.

Perhaps the smellof a fresh posting!?
Thanks again

Steve 23:22 21 Nov 2004

we can't view it from that address unless we all come round to your house! That's your hard drive.

What time shall we turn up?

  dalglish 20:25 24 Nov 2004

Come round about 7-ish- wife will cater!

What a ******* !!

Thanks - i'll submit THE site again


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