Images in E-mails

  Toria 21:52 23 Sep 2013

I am having a problem with my e-mails in Microsoft Outlook, it is not downloading the images, I just get a cross, which if I click it still does not download the image. I have also clicked on Tools and unticked the box that states don't download images automatically but it makes no difference, is there something else I need to do?

  northumbria61 22:05 23 Sep 2013

You may find something here to help - have a read through. enter link description here

  Woolwell 22:41 23 Sep 2013

Which version of Outlook?

  Toria 22:26 21 Oct 2013

Hi, I am using Outlook 2007

  Woolwell 23:10 21 Oct 2013

Did you try northumbria61's link?

  Toria 13:12 22 Oct 2013

Hi, Yes I tried the link and still have the same problem.

  Toria 15:13 01 Nov 2013

Hi again, I still have the same problem with the images in Outlook 2007, I have tried the link again that was put on by Northumbria61 but I still have the same problem, is there anything else I can do?


  Woolwell 17:55 01 Nov 2013

Check - Tools - Trust Center

a. Email security - Read all standard mail in plain text is not ticked.

b. Automatic Download - Try unticking don't download pictures automatically. Note this is not normally recommended as it could open to malware.

  Toria 14:10 07 Nov 2013

Hi, I checked out the Check - Tools - Trust Centre and the Automatic Download and both were unticked; since having put on my last message what I did try was unloading Flash Player from my computer and reloading it and the images reappeared but it has now gone back to how it was with the red cross in the box. I don't understand why this has happen as when I first loaded Microsoft 2007 I had not problem; is here anything else you can advise me to try? Thanks.

  Toria 09:31 19 Nov 2013

Hi Again, Regarding my last Post has anyone got any advice as I still have the same problem with Outlook 2007 re the Red X instead of images? Thanks.

  Woolwell 10:33 19 Nov 2013

Is it just one sender or all images? Are the mails in plain text or html format?

Perhaps a repair of Outlook/Office may help.

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