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  sheila.weston 15:29 14 Jun 2010

I have several programs and folders with images (different formats) on my Vista laptop and cannot decide how to label them so that the label is attached to the file permanently.

Is it best to right-click and put the details in the properties option? As I see it, this should stay with the file, no matter what program it is in, but there isn't much room in the comments section.

Windows Photo Gallery has lots of options, but do these stay with the file if it is opened in another program (eg Picasa or a Family History program - I think not?

I would like to add several lines of comments, eg background to the pictures, which are used mostly for my Family History research, FH program and Expression Web website.

Any suggestions welcome.

  theDarkness 20:48 14 Jun 2010

what kind of labels or information are you wanting to add to your images? it depends on what program you use, when adding images to create a gallery, some programs may not be able to add information that may exist in the images properties tab. different photo gallery programs are likely to also be incompatible with one another when opening saved files that were made in another program, unless it states that it can use them. different image gallery making tools have different ways of dealing with each image individually and the ability to add a description to it or not. I would assume most gallery tools would save your collection as its own gallery file in the location you have chosen, so that your original images would not be altered in any way.

as for the tools that do not do this, a minority may well be able add permanent details to each original image and its descriptions- its all depending on the gallery program you use and its options you can set. perhaps someone can recommend a few gallery creation programs for you-it also depends on what the easiest way for you will be to view an image and its description. do you simply wish to create a family tree with family history/a description next it, only being able to see it via a computer? If not, and you are only seeking for the ability to add many images with a description, clicking back and forth, then perhaps a gallery tool that can create a final "slideshow dvd" with your images would be just as good an option.

  theDarkness 21:33 14 Jun 2010

Sorry, reading too quickly-didnt realise its for showing family history images and their related descriptions creating a website! :( you would have to find a gallery creating program that can save/output your photos and their descriptions in ideally a wide range of web related formats, formats that are compatible with Expression Web.

You could try looking for a gallery tool that can add comments permanently to the properties/description tab of each individual original image, but this might be hard to find.
For backing up purposes alone, if you can find a gallery tool that saves your images unedited with text, and gives the ability to export/resave as one gallery database file, and also export the individual files (for use with Expression Web perhaps), then you should have no problem. Im not sure what Windows Photo Gallery offers, but if it can do all this then youll be ok.

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